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$320 Kogan Agora netbook gets the hands-on treatment, Aussie-style

Tim Stevens

We admit to being more than a little skeptical when Ruslan Kogan, Aussie tech entrepreneur, promised a cheap netbook within weeks, after his Agora smartphone stumbled out of the gates, but sure enough he's come through, making a run down to Australian PC Authority with a very working prototype of his upcoming netbook -- confusingly also called the Agora. What he demonstrated was a fairly standard 10-inch netbook package, featuring an Atom N270, 1GB of RAM, 160GB hard disk, and a 3-cell battery, as well as a Pro model with twice the RAM and battery, both available with gOS and, eventually, Windows 7. What makes this upcoming model notable is the price: the cheaper model is expected to retail for $499 AUD, which in American dollars is just a tick over $320, while the Pro will go for $549 AUD, or about $355 US. Both models are expected to drop down under next month, and while no domestic release was confirmed, at that price this is one import we wouldn't mind seeing come up over.

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