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Prototype iPhone firmware posted, leaves more questions than answers

Chris Ziegler

The physical devices have been unceremoniously pulled off eBay, yes, but thankfully, their spirit lives on thanks to ripped binaries now circulating the interwebs. It seems that no one has quite figured out how to run the pre-pro iPhone firmware outright, but we're sure it's just a matter of time. While we twiddle our thumbs, one of the firmware's more interesting nuggets -- the colorfully-named -- has apparently been successfully launched from an iPhone 3G's home screen, briefly producing this unfortunate image for your viewing enjoyment before booting you back out. This is all either an elaborate hoax crafted by some of the crazier minds in the iPhone hacking community, or there are some awfully sick puppies in Cupertino's iPhone team -- but either way, we're finding ourselves wanting more. What?

[Thanks, Marcel]

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