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The Daily Grind: How important are console MMO titles to you?

With the news out yesterday that Champions Online will not be seeing a launch day release to consoles along with the PC client, we're kind of wondering what's coming for the future of consoles in terms of MMO releases. Sure, there are already a handful of MMOs out there in the space: Final Fantasy XI, Phantasy Star Universe, and EverQuest Online Adventures, but they seem to be more the exception than the rule. Age of Conan, promised to be released to consoles shortly after AoC's PC launch, has been beseiged by setbacks and is now only rarely mentioned - if at all. Champions Online has been set back. Free Realms (and likely the other upcoming SOE titles as well), perhaps the strongest potential crossover due to SOE being part of SCEA, will still see console release well after the initial PC launch.

So with all the delays or largely-vaporware-status of several promised console MMOs, we thought we'd ask you this morning - just exactly how important is it to you, as an MMO gamer, that there are more options for MMOs on the console? Do you look forward to the day when you can get a USB keyboard and hook it into your console, to enjoy a round of MMO gaming from the comfort of your couch? Or does it not really make much of a difference for you, as you'll be at your computer anyway; after all, consoles don't tend to offer the option of alt-tabbing out and checking database sites for item drops, locations, tips and other hints. How important are console MMOs to you?

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