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Nokia "Piranha" touch smartphone, others coming to AT&T? (Updated: probably just the E71x)

Chris Ziegler

We've just been graced with a new trunkload of tentative -- very tentative -- release dates on AT&T, and while most of the devices were already rumored for launch, one is definitely sticking out here: the Nokia Piranha. We're assuming that's a codename, but the device is described as a "thin" smartphone with a touchscreen -- which can only mean S60 5th Edition -- and what's more, it's currently slated for a March 24 release. (Updated: see note below.) Speaking of touchscreens, a Samsung Impression touch slider with a 3 megapixel camera is due on March 26, the Propel Pro should hit a bit earlier on March 19, and the LG Xenon -- which is once again being spelled "Xenon" instead of "Zenon," so who knows -- is expected on April 9 with a 3 megapixel cam in tow. Speaking of LG, that Neon we've been hearing about (notice a noble gas theme here?) apparently won't be dropping by until May 9, and it'll only be EDGE, just like its Rogers-based cousin. On Samsung, we've got a device here that's being called the "BJ 2" with a 3 megapixel camera also launching on May 9, which we're assuming is actually the BlackJack 3 or something to that effect seeing how there's been a BlackJack II on the market for a hot minute now. Finally -- drum roll, please -- that AT&T-branded Sony Ericsson C905 we saw a ways back is currently slated to come around on June 9. Let's hope this one doesn't get canceled, eh?

[Thanks, Kal]

Update: Sadly, AT&T almost certainly screwed up the description of the Piranha -- it's likely just the E71x. We're weeping quietly to ourselves over here. Not to say the E71x won't be a fine phone, but it would've been awfully nice to randomly see a crazy touchphone from Nokia on AT&T out of the blue, wouldn't it?

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