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Resident Evil 5 'Versus' DLC dated and priced in Japan

If you're a member of the enraged masses protesting the pricing of Resident Evil 5's 'Versus' DLC pack, which adds new online co-op and competitive options to the game, we doubt this news will do anything to soothe your frayed nerves -- Capcom recently revealed the DLC's price for Japan: 160 on Xbox Live, or ¥250 on PSN. That's less than half of the North American cost for the same content.

However, if you're still planning on picking up the additional modes, you might be interested to hear the Japanese DLC received a release date that's far less vague than our "in a few weeks" release timetable -- Japan will be able to participate in immobilized online combat as of March 26. Why the disparities in pricing and dating in the two regions? We're not sure -- though we suspect some sort of zombie trade tariff is involved.

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