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Fandango finally on the iPhone

Mel Martin

They've gone and done it. Fandango [App Store link] is out for the iPhone/iPod touch as a free download. There are a lot of movie apps for the iPhone with showtimes and trailers -- Now Playing, Hot Popcorn, and i.TV also link to the site for ticket buying -- but Fandango is the 800 pound gorilla for the US market's online movie info and ticket purchasing. It links to more than 16,000 domestic screens.

Now, right from the comfort of wherever you and your iPhone are, you can find the nearest theater, get showtimes, see a trailer, and buy a ticket. You can also get an idea what others thought of the movies that are playing.

I use the web version of Fandango a lot, just because I hate to stand in line letting sticky candy and soft drink residue cover my shoes. But now, you can shorten your time in the lobby and maximize your time in the theater, while still getting candy and soft drinks on your shoes.

To make purchasing easy, you can enter your credit card details in the app. Fandango says it is securely stored, and it hides all but the last 4 digits of your credit card. On the other hand, if your iPhone is stolen somebody can see a lot of movies, as there is no password protection on the 'buy' button.

Still, it's a very good way to get tickets in a hurry if you are out and about. Fandango usually charges about a buck for each ticket, but when the lines are long it's worth it. Note: According to the Fandango site: "Convenience charges currently range from $0.75 to $1.50 per ticket depending on geographic location. IMAX screening and some special events have a $2.00 convenience charge."

Since you can't print your ticket from the iPhone, Fandango sends you a pick up code in an email, or you can show your credit card at the theater, and in some cases you can go to an automated kiosk at the theater. Fandango knows what redemption method is used at the theater you're attending, so the email will advise you.

For a lot of iPhone owners, getting this app is huge. For others, it may just be a yawn. If you're into movies, however, the Fandango app is literally, the ticket.

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