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Join us tomorrow for an exclusive LotRO cloak giveaway

Shawn Schuster

Tomorrow marks the launch of Lord of the Rings Online's newest content patch, Volume II: Book 7. This free content patch is special as it's the first major content we've received for the game since the Mines of Moria expansion last November.

So to help ring in the new Book, Turbine has teamed up with Massively to offer an exclusive in-game cloak (shown above) named "The Cloak of the Raven Friend". You will have the chance to win one of 25 of these exclusive cloaks in a giveaway we will hold tomorrow morning here on the site. This cloak is very similar to those obtained with the Moria Collector's Edition, but with a unique skin. The stats for this cloak are:
  • Can be used by anyone in the game (i.e. it is not a high-level piece of gear)
  • 42 Armor
  • 120+ in-combat morale regen
What better way to spend your upgrade downtime? Hope to see you there!

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