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The Conduit has a story


High Voltage has been mentioning some kind of deep conspiracy in its trailers for The Conduit, which suggests that there's more going on here than just some soldier or secret agent or whoever shooting at guys in bad-guy uniforms. So what is The Conduit about? IGN spoke to High Voltage's Eric Nofsinger and Josh Olson, and found that the concept is basically "all kinds of horrible stuff is happening."

Nofsinger sets up some of the backstory: "In D.C. specifically, there's a virus, linked to the contaminated water supply, that's been attacking people's immune systems. Missing persons reports have increased dramatically. Domestic terrorist attacks - including an attack on the Washington monument - have caused rioting and panic. Martial law has been declared." How do you shoot at a virus? Oh, and then there's a full-scale alien invasion.

As Agent Ford, a Secret Service agent recruited by an even more secret organization called The Trust, you are called in to deal with all of that. Guided by your Trust contact, "John Adams," Ford must help defend Washington D.C. from the aliens while also dealing with a possible rogue Trust agent.

We've also got new screens courtesy Sega Europe. We trust you will enjoy them.


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