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Toshiba overtakes Sony in UK TV market, looks forward to 2009

Darren Murph

As Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and the rest jockey for position in the overall sales rankings, Tosh is the one that's surprisingly gaining ground. Shortly before naming a new incoming CEO, the company's managing director of Toshiba UK (Andy Bass) stated that things are looking up for the outfit's TV and PC monitor sales. While speaking at the firm's annual product preview, Bass noted that "12 months ago, [Toshiba's] TV business was at the lowest point ever, at just 3.4 percent." That said, 2009 is actually looking to improve, and already it has overtaken Sony for second place in the UK PC monitor and TV marketplace. The only one left to pass is Samsung, but we don't see anyone leapfrogging it for a long, long while.

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