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Wendy's becomes Wendy'z for Petz in-store promotion


It seems that while advertisers in the UK are discouraging gamers from eating fast food (or playing games, for that matter), US fast food chain Wendy's is partnering with Ubisoft to offer toys based on its uber-popular Petz series, according to During a five-week campaign in stores, customers picking up a Wendy's "Kids Meal" will receive one of a variety of Petz-themed items: a Petz Catz PC game, Petz Dogz PC game, a Catz balancer ball, a Dogz plush toy or a copy of the Petz-themed card game.

Astute readers will note this isn't the first time Wendy's has partnered with a video game company for an in-store promotion, though this time around, we're betting Jack Thompson isn't getting up in arms over the less than inflammatory nature of the product involved.

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