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Razer Mamba wireless gaming mouse hands-on

Darren Murph

Late last month, we had the opportunity to have a listen with Razer's Carcharias headset, and now we're seeing just how precise the same outfit's latest mouse is when it comes to clicking oh-so-carefully within Minesweeper. The downright gorgeous Razer Mamba just showed up on our doorstep, and we couldn't resist photographing the unboxing experience and hosting it up for all to enjoy. Our Mamba came housed in a special Razer suitcase that also included the aforementioned Carcharias headset. The mouse packaging alone was some of the most extravagant we've seen, with even the delightfully braided USB cable (yes, it's wired or wireless) encased in a soft black cover. Bottom line? The aesthetics here are top-notch all the way around, and while we plan on giving this thing a run-through over the weekend in order to speak on actual performance, we'd suggest diving in below to whet your appetite.

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