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Blizzard honors Resto4Life with an in-game item


The blogging community lost a great voice recently, as Phaelia stepped down and closed the doors of Resto4Life, the premiere Druid Healing blog. It seems even Blizzard realizes the contributions Phaelia's made to the game, and has honored her in the form of Phaelia's Vestments of the Sprouting Seed.

It is, of course, a leather healing chestpiece, complete with a name that refers to one of Phaelia's main reasons for stepping down. MMO Champion lists as a drop off of the 25-man version of the Iron Council (I would have guessed Freya).

It's always nice when Blizzard recognizes those community members who have gone above and beyond to help out the WoW community by giving them a shout-out in game, and Phaelia's definitely deserving. We'll join Blizzard and the Druid community in one more cheer and raised glass to Phaelia. Here's wishing her good luck with the sproutling and her new, non-blogging life.

[via World of Matticus]

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