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Dylan Jobe leaves Incognito to start new PlayStation-focused studio


Incognito Entertainment's Dylan Jobe, director of Warhawk, has announced that he is leaving Incognito and taking other staff with him. The group has formed a new studio, Lightbox Interactive, which will relocate from Incognito's home of Salt Lake City, Utah, to Austin, Texas this fall "to take advantage of Austin's creative culture and its well established game development community."

PlayStation fanboys concerned about losing talent to one of the other platforms need not be concerned: Lightbox's website mentions that the new studio is under a multi-year contract with Sony to develop games for "the PlayStation family of platforms."

Well, now we know what Jobe will be talking about in the GDC "The Big Picture 2009: Managing Your Game Dev Deal and Operating Your Game Dev Studio" panel.

[Via Kotaku]

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