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Target reveals free 1,000 DSi Points with DSi purchase


All DSi systems in Japan come with 1,000 free points with which to explore the DSi Shop. Nintendo hasn't said anything about such an offer in North America, but it seems that Target has broken the news ahead of time. The store's product listing (for either the black or blue model) includes the following text within its fine print:

"Free downloadable games from Nintendo DSi Shop included with the purchase of a Nintendo DSi system. Upon initial access to Nintendo DSi Shop, 1,000 Nintendo DSi Points will be credited to your account, which you can then use to download your free Nintendo DSi-exclusive games and applications."

The listing directs people to for more information, confirming that this is a Nintendo offer and not just a Target promotion. Unfortunately, that site is not yet active.

In other DSi Points news, the image (via Amazon) shows what the new cards are going to look like. So what DSiWare are you going to buy with your free points? Oh, right, Nintendo hasn't announced any. Pop Plus Solo?


[Via NeoGAF]

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