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Alyssa Milano talks about Ghostbusters role

Majed Athab

Former Charmed star Alyssa Milano will be in the new Ghostbusters video game and she's here (in video) to talk about her new role as Ilyssa Selwyn. Her character is the love interest for Dr. Peter Venkman (voiced by Bill Murray), and is likely to play a bigger role than one would expect.

"Paranormal activities take a liking to [Ilyssa]," said Milano. "So crazy things sort of happen ... she can't figure out why, but we'll eventually, at the end, figure out why." It sounds like the leading lady is at the heart of the mystery for this new Ghostbusters outing. And apparently, there's lots of "flirty, flirty sexual tension" happening between Venkman and Selwyn, too. At least, that's what Milano says ... We can't imagine how much sexual tension there could possibly be starring opposite Bill Murray.

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