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GDC09: Resistance 2 patch and DLC detailed, dated for March 26

Jem Alexander

Resistance 2's first batch of DLC is coming soon, with details already spilling out of GDC. Insomniac has revealed the lineup in a video with Gamespot, which you can see after the break. The new content is split into two pieces: a patch (v1.50); and paid content from the PSN Store. Both will arrive on Thursday, March 26.

The patch will add a new multiplayer mode -- Meltdown -- as well as a new difficulty setting for co-op play. This will give higher EXP rewards, but will be much more challenging. Finally, the patch will also allow a local co-op player to sign in with his PSN profile, saving his accumulated scores.

As for the paid content, there are a number of maps being released which have been designed to allow more intimate, small scale battles. The Aftermath map pack will cost you $5.99. There are also a number of skins which will be purchasable for $0.99 each. For more details and footage of the maps, check the video after the break.

[Via Just Video Games; Thanks, Alexandra]

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