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Blockbuster to bring content to Apple


On a January day in 1981, my sisters and I experienced unbridled glee when our father came home with a shiny new VCR. Imagine: Movies. In our own house. Whenever we wanted. What a world! It was an enormous, top-loading hunk of metal and plastic that I'm sure is currently at the bottom of a Pennsylvania landfill.

The VCR's arrival spawned the movie rental shop, the biggest of which (In Scranton, anyway) was Blockbuster. Today, services like On Demand, Netflix, Hulu and to a lesser extent Apple TV have forced them to re-think their business model, and they're getting into the video on demand business as well.

According to AppleInsider, Blockbuster's vice president of digital entertainment Kevin Lewis recently told Reuters that they're going to make downloadable content available to TiVo customers soon, and Apple after that.

That's all the detail we've got, but we'll assume he meant the Apple TV and iTunes. We'll keep an eye on this story and keep you updated.

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