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Moxi's 500GB HD DVR now available en masse

Darren Murph

Moxi's 500GB HD DVR went on sale to a limited number of individuals back in December of last year, but after pumping itself up at CES, we're finally seeing the real-deal, bona fide launch party. As of now, anyone with a CableCARD can roll over to Amazon and lay down $799.99 for the company's subscription-less MR-1500T3 HD Digital Video Recorder, which can hold over 75 hours of high-def programming or over 300 hours of SD material. So, are you taking the plunge?

Update: Moxi pinged us to say these have indeed been shipping beyond the limited first run.

[Thanks, ganjagadget]

Read - Moxi's website
Read - Amazon order page

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