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NAD's PP-3 digital phono preamp turns vinyl pits to digital bits

Steven Kim

Vinyl holdouts have one less excuse for not making the leap to digital thanks to NAD's PP-3 Digital Phono Preamplifier. Turntables with encoding capabilities are nothing new, but if those decks have been beneath your standards then you've been out of luck. The PP-3, however, lets you supply your own deck -- the audiophile-friendly MC/MM phono preamp is RIAA-equalized and passed through a rumble filter before being output as a soft-clipped digital signal (on a handy USB port) courtesy an onboard A/D converter. The PP-3 also has a line-level input that might come in handy for when you decide to tackle your reel-to-reel tape archives. Available now for $199 -- don't you want to hear this MP3 stuff that all the kids are raving about?

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