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Bungie: No plans for more Halo 3 content beyond ODST


Seemingly in contrast with recent comments made by producer Allen Murray, Bungie has told Eurogamer that it currently has no Halo 3 content planned following the Fall release of Halo 3: Overly Descriptive Subtitle Treatment. "We'll never say never, but currently Bungie has no plans to make new Halo 3 content beyond the release of ODST," came the explanation. The formerly Microsoft-owned studio does, however, intend to keep supporting the popular first-person shooter with matchmaking playlist updates and uninhibited use of the fabled Banhammer.

Whether the task of generating Halo 3 content into 2010 will fall away in favor of a new game, or simply be handed over to a different studio, remains up for speculation. Either way, it seems Halo 3 will be watched over by its creators in some form or another until we all finally stop playing -- and that could be even longer than Murray's supposed two-year time frame, right?

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