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GDC09: Project Offset reemerges with new media


No, it's not a dream. Go ahead and pinch yourself. After a year of nearly complete silence, the team behind the fantasy FPS Project Offset -- which was acquired by Intel last year -- has redesigned its website and released new media. Specifically, there are two new tech demo videos and some fresh concept art. Embedded above is a video of meteors destroying the environment as they fall from the sky. It certainly looks impressive, though it's unclear if this is dynamic destruction or something pre-defined. Either way, it certainly looks nice.

The second video, embedded after the break, shows off a cottage being constructed inside the Offset engine. The cottage is apparently a prefab, which is essentially a reusable asset for game design. Objects are added to the structure and several textures and graphical effects are added on the fly. The video certainly makes it look easy to create objects within the game world, though we'd like to see something made from scratch.

Sadly, neither video features any gameplay. There are no giant trolls and stealthy elves this time. Project Offset's Sam McGrath promises there will be "much more" in the upcoming months.

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