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SAL pocket video camera won't mind if you mistake it for a Flip


As Pure Digital's Flip cameras have amply demonstrated, there's plenty of folks looking for nothing more than a dead simple digital video camera, and it looks like Japan's Amadana is now looking to peel off a bit of that user base with its new SAL pocket camera. Somewhat notably, this one will let you connect it directly to another SAL camera to transfer videos without a computer, but it's otherwise a bit on the lackluster side, with it packing just 2GB of internal memory and not able to capture anything higher than basic VGA video at 30 fps. The $200 price tag and two hours of battery life don't exactly help things either, but if camera-to-camera video sharing is your top priority, you can look for this one to be available in Japan on May 22nd.

[Via Boing Boing Gadgets]

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