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Capcom Unity previews new Resident Evil comic mini-series

Capcom's Unity blog posted a preview of the new comic based on the Resident Evil universe as well as an interview with Ricardo Sanchez, writer of the upcoming six-part series. According to Sanchez, the series takes place around the same time as (and possibly before) the events of Resident Evil 5, introducing readers to a pair of new characters: BSAA rookie Mina Gere and weathered BSAA vet, Holiday Sugarman.

Holiday... Sugarman. That's a name. That name... exists.

The story begins aboard an international space station that Gere is sent to investigate following reports of T-Virus research. The simple investigation quickly goes south when the rookie finds herself alone in space with an infected crew (which, kind of sounds familiar). Sugarman -- still reeling from the loss of his family in a bio-weapon incident -- starts his adventure in Willy Wonka's Factory the fictional country of Grezbekistan (which Sanchez says would be found around Afghanistan or Turkey, part of the world). Eventually the story will bring the pair to South America where they will "encounter a variety of T-Virus and G-Virus infected monsters, some with new twists, that are part of the Resident Evil universe," Sanchez says.

Unfortunately, Sanchez does not detail if readers will be able to walk (or run) while they enjoy the comic. We suspect they won't. The first issue of Resident Evil will hit stores this May.

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