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PSA: Guitar Hero: Metallica melting faces, store shelves today [update]

We thought we'd pass along a courteous reminder from Activision informing the gaming community that Guitar Hero: Metallica began rocking store shelves today. If you haven't found current full-band simulators to be punishing enough, Metallica promises to deliver with an "Expert +" mode, double kick pedals, and guitar solos capable of turning even the sturdiest fingers into tiny puddles of red goo. If you've got $59.99 lying around (or $49.99 for the Wii version, $39.99 for the PS2), you can simulate "riding the lightning"* with unparalleled accuracy.

*Warning: Riding lightning can lead to unintended health consequences in the groin region, including serious unsightly burns and impotence. Consult your doctor before deciding to mount any arcs of electricity.

Update: The PS2 version isn't actually dropping until Sunday, May 24 -- meaning Activision is effectively tainting two of 2009's Sabbath days with a touch of unholy metal.

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