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Sony calls PlayStation Home a 'perfect storm,' next generation of content coming

Majed Athab

PlayStation Home may be a fledgling platform, but its director, Jack Buser, thinks the unique 3D social space is turning into a "perfect storm." Within its three months of service, Home has grown quite a bit, and will continue to grow as it secures more publisher support. "You have publishers and brands coming into Home looking to engage with an audience, but they also have the opportunity to generate revenue. It's a model that makes sense for everybody," said Buser in an interview with "It's kind of a perfect storm."

Peter Edwards, director of Home platform group at Sony, added to Buser's thinking, saying, "People are getting the hang of how it works," and hinting at the eventual arrival of the "next generation of content." Edwards pointed to Home's new ARG, Xi, as an initial spark that demonstrates other interactive options for publishers to play around with. "We're building a platform that other people can create content for, which is extremely difficult to do," said Buser. "We spent the time to do it right so that today we have something that is a total console differentiator."

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