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"The stuff's in the back": AT&T previews its new lineup

Chris Ziegler

AT&T's done us all a favor by doing its own quick hands-on of three of its more hotly-anticipated devices in its just-announced spring lineup -- the Nokia E71x along with Samsung's Propel Pro and Impression -- and putting together a little video of the action. Our lovely host Seth (if that is, in fact, his real name) gets ushered to the rear of a corporate-owned store before opening where the new devices lie in wait, and while us lay folk won't be able to buy any of these for a few days, the dude's able to give us a quick video tour of each unit's finer points. Each of the three devices looks exactly as you'd expect it to, but notably, the Impression's AMOLED touchscreen really seems to shine (literally) with an insane viewing angle and an almost paper-like appearance; in fact, if he hadn't changed screens, we'd almost have thought he was playing with a dummy unit. Follow the break for the video (don't worry, the stuff's in the back).

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