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Rock Band Wiikly: Pearl Jam, Devo, Faith No More, Fall Out Boy


Pearl Jam's album, Ten, is ready to get grungy this week on Rock Band for Wii. A few other tracks tag along to get the Wii music store up to spec with other consoles.

Pearl Jam's Ten (200 Wii points apiece)

  • "Once"
  • "Even Flow"
  • "Why Go"
  • "Black"
  • "Jeremy"
  • "Oceans"
  • "Porch"
  • "Garden"
  • "Deep"
  • "Release"
  • "Master/Slave"
Individual songs (200 Wii points apiece):
  • "Through Being Cool" - Devo
  • "We Care A Lot" - Faith No More
  • "I Don't Care" - Fall Out Boy
The tracks will be available today, March 31, and videos for all of this week's tracks are after the break.

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