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Oblivion DLC gets half off, except horse armor ... which is doubled

Justin McElroy

As of this week, it's been three years since the entire internet exploded with the news that purely decorative horse armor would cost 200 MS points ($2.50) to add to your copy of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. To celebrate that happy occasion, you'll be able to buy all of Oblivion's fine Xbox 360 DLC for half of its normal price during this week. All the DLC that is ... except horse armor.

No, if you want horse armor, you're going to have to pay double the normal price. Seriously. And speaking as a group of guys who like to look like they've got a little fantasy cheddar in the bank when they roll into a new village, let us tell you: Worth every penny.

[Update: Just to clarify, this isn't a joke. Well, it's not our joke. Bethesda promised us that this was totally true.]

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