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Sony announces new Jak and Daxter for PSP, PS2

Jem Alexander

Don't worry, this isn't an April Fools prank. Sony has just sent us a press release, announcing a new Jak and Daxter game for the PSP and PS2. The game, titled Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier, will be out this Fall and will pick up "from where the original Jak and Daxter trilogy left off."

You'll be exploring the titular Lost Frontier as you help Kiera on her "quest to become a Sage and save the world from the threat of darkness." Emphasis is being placed on "sky-high adventure" as you take "flight in one of five different aircrafts" and "blast airborne enemies and battle skypirates with your powerful Gunstaff" -- a new transforming weapon.

The game is being developed by High Impact Games -- the developers of Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters. We're glad to see Daxter's name back up there in the title. Hopefully it more resembles the colorful fantasy world of Jak and Daxter 1 than the depressing GTA-esque Jak 2.

Update: Just in case you're still scared that this is an April Fools joke, here's a quote direct from Sony: "Nope -- not an April Fools." See?

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