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Atlus's latest delay-plus-bribe combo: Steal Princess


In order to prevent its localization of Climax's Steal Princess from being ignored at retail, Atlus has decided to delay the ARPG from April 21 to May 19, after already delaying it from its original March date. This gives DS owners more chance to hear about the game prior to its release, and blogs like this another opportunity to report about the game, like we're doing right now. Yes, we played right into Atlus's hands. But if the company's going to hold Steal Princess hostage until we post about it, what choice do we have? We'd like to play it this year!

Along with the announcement, as is Atlus's custom, the company revealed a bonus included with every copy. The reverse of the box cover will feature the above artwork, selected by fan votes, as a mini-poster. We're on the fence about removing part of the game's box to decorate a tiny patch of wall space, but we like options (and we like Steal Princess artwork!)

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