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Ignition reveals date, details for King of Fighters XII tournament

Ready to compete in a game you've never played? Ignition Entertainment has officially announced the King of Fighters XII tournament teased last week on the game's website.

The tournament, being held in cooperation with the EVO tournament group, will take place at Element in Hollywood on May 30th, during which 128 freakishly talented competitors will pit their stylish, high-resolution avatars against one another in a five-round tournament. If you think you're the king of King of Fighters, you can sign up at EVO's site starting April 6 at 10AM PST. Signing up at Ignition's KOF site could win you a trip to watch the event.

The press release teases "special guests and the opportunity to win one-of-a-kind KOF goods" -- not the least of which is a Japanese King of Fighters XII cabinet.

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