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The Daily Grind: The best elements of an MMO podcast are...

There are MMO podcasts everywhere you look. VirginWorlds has a great collective pile of podcast love, and our very own Managing Editor, Shawn Schuster, knows a thing or three about them too. We have our very own shiny podcast, Massively Speaking, WoW Insider has one, and of course, there's the insanely popular Joystiq podcast too. You could load your iPod full of gaming podcasts and never run out of something to listen to - but that doesn't mean they're all worth listening to. It takes something special to draw listeners back from week to week. Aside from that whole 'publishing regularly' thing, which we'd all agree is important to keep an audience, you've got to have something more.

This morning, we thought we'd ask you - what do you think are the most important elements in any good MMO podcast? Do you like a news-centric podcast? Or do you like more opinion in yours? Perhaps a bit of both, but with an extra added dose of snark? Do you like lore, or background on particular games? Maybe a quick run-down of new titles on the radar? Any segments you've heard in your favorite podcasts that you think are just awesome ideas? Is it all about the hosts for you? How about guests? What elements make the very best MMO podcasts something you come back to time and time again?

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