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Samsung's Android phone arriving to the party earlier than expected, bringing friends

Tim Stevens

Remember the blurry blob of pixels reputed to be Samsung's entrance to the Android handset market? It was initially expected to come into focus sometime after July, but word from Dr. Won-Pyo Hong, a Samsung VP, is that the phone will see international release a month earlier, in June. He has also confirmed that two other Google-powered handsets are in development by the company, both set for US release sometime in the second half of the year. The phones are said to be "totally different" from each other and will be so at odds they'll have to go to separate networks or risk creating a hilarious feud of the type we haven't seen since TV's Perfect Strangers. Both are said to offer considerable enhancements and tweaks to Android that should distance them HTC's offerings, but will the two ever stand a chance of getting along? Don't be ridiculous!

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