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Interview gives more perspective on the state of Stargate Worlds

James Egan

We take no pleasure in pointing out the difficulties a new MMO faces in making it to market, even less so when members of our own team are big fans of the IP an upcoming game is built upon. Regardless, if something's happening in the MMO world we've got to point it out, as is the case with Stargate Worlds and the difficulties it's having along the way.

Darren Sumner, writing for GateWorld, recently spoke with Stargate executive producer Brad Wright (who serves as a creative consultant on Stargate Worlds) about the title. Although it's officially still in development at Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment and slated to be published by their partner company FireSky, there's no release in sight.

When asked about the status of Stargate Worlds, Wright tells GateWorld, "We don't know. It's a shame. If it doesn't happen - and, let's be honest, it should be happening now if it was happening. It's a shame. It's a terrible shame."

Wright adds, "They had an opportunity and they got our support, and they obviously had significant funding, and it didn't happen. It's kind of a drag for the fans and the time that we invested - what little of it there really was, in comparison to what they did - was still a shame that it was wasted, because it should have happened."

The GateWorld piece also mentions the financial and legal troubles which affect Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment and the prospects for seeing Stargate Worlds on store shelves. Have a closer look at GateWorld's interview with Stargate executive producer Brad Wright for more on the situation with the Stargate Worlds MMO.


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