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Southpark seasons 1-9 added to Netflix streaming lineup


OMG. They streamed Kenny! Netflix has announced that, as of right now, every episode from the first nine seasons of South Park are available for Instant Queue streaming. In other words, if you have a Netflix account, you can watch all 139 episodes without incurring additional charges ... or buying them from the Live Marketplace. Wait, howzit?

While South Park represents just one show from Comedy Central available to this extent via Netflix streaming (c'mon the Daily Show!) it's interesting to note how this announcement may directly affect sales of single episodes (at 160/$2 a pop) from the Marketplace. XBLM houses four more seasons than are available via Netflix (10-13) but 1-9 are standard definition only, nixing a possible incentive to purchase. We'll check in with Microsoft in a couple weeks to see if there's been any slowing of downloads.

Unfortunately, classic video game inspired episodes of the show, including "Make Love, Not WarCraft" and "Guitar Queer-o," didn't air until after season nine. It's a conspiracy, we tell you ... a conspiracy. If it's any consolation, season three of Spongebob Squarepants is also available as part of the arrangement. We love that guy.

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