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The RailPod is one track short of a train car, the future of transportation?

Tim Stevens

Think the PRT podcar is the pod that will re-invent transportation? Prepare to get those opinions railed, as the RailPod is on its way to get you where you're going -- and to put all those striking cabbies out of work. The idea is that unused (or underused) railway lines can be turned into bi-directional traffic routes, with the RailPod using gyros to balance precariously on a single strip of iron, taking up only half the width of the line. Two passengers can ride facing away from each other on this car of the future (presumably to discourage any hanky-panky of the future), whisked away after swiping a credit card and punching in a destination. The Boston-based startup is still in the "please oh please give us money" phase, but hope to have a working prototype ready by the end of the year. Until then you'll have to simply enjoy the video after the break, which you might be surprised to learn was created entirely using computer graphics.

[Via Mass High Tech]

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