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Dungeons & Dragons Online's new executive producer comments on Module 9

Kyle Horner

Dungeon's & Dragon's Online players are getting two new things as of late: the free Module 9 update and a new executive producer by the name of Fernando Paiz. The update isn't out just yet, but its preview notes are and they're pretty substantial. Players are getting level 20, which brings tons of new feats and powers, along with DX10 graphics support, combat, UI and many other improvements.

If you're wondering who this new guy is, Fernando has actually been with Turbine for over three years and seems rather excited to be working with the team. We don't doubt that it's partially because he's now working with his wife, Kate.

Mostly though, Fernando appears to be pretty excited about both Module 9 and what he calls, "an aggressive push to grow the game in 2009" We'll be curious to see exactly what that means. Will players be getting epic levels starting with 21? Seems like the thing to do at this point in the life-cycle of Dungeons and Dragons Online, but we suppose that we'll just have to wait for the official announcement.

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