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Peruse, weigh in on extended Batman: Arkham Asylum footage


"Alfred, have you seen this?"

"Your impossibly enormous supercomputer and one of the only sources of light in this cave? Yes, I do believe I glimpsed it while dusting once."

"No, I mean this article on Joystiq. Computer, enhance RSS feed item, number 16. There. They claim to have new footage of an upcoming game based on me, Batman."

"Good heavens, Master Bruce! Do you mean to tell me you're Gotham city's masked protector?"

"Very funny, Alfred. This new Arkham Asylum game is supposedly very promising."

"You mean it's not just you prowling dark alleys and beating the snot out of some generic thugs?"

"Apparently not. It has elements of action and stealth, not to mention classic villains and iconic imagery. The blog authors say that Arkham Asylum is where I belong."

"Well, your propensity for manic vigilantism and outlandish costumes would --"

"In the game, I mean."

"Yes, of course, sir. In the game."

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