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Video: da Vinci Si robotic system wants to be your surgeon


Oh boy, from the looks of that picture the only perquisites for using the updated da Vinci Si surgical system are video game skills, a preference for interacting with the physical world on a high-def display, and an abnormal interest in robots. Sound like anyone you know? Intuitive Surgical's latest robotic system features two separate HD optical channels that the manufacturer claims will give "highly accurate depth perception" when merged. The surgeon console features touchpad control of the video, audio, and system settings while providing "precise, dexterous control" of a an extensive array of surgical tools held by the robotic flanges. Perfect for all your minimally invasive, WebMD-inspired home surgery needs when not performing transplants at county. Check the video after the break -- amazing is an understatement.

[Via MedGadget]

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