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No split-screen multiplayer in The Conduit to preserve visuals

Sorry, split-screen fans, The Conduit is hanging you out to dry. According to lead designer Rob Nicholls, the upcoming shooter will exclude a split-screen multiplayer option in order to maintain the game's visual punch. In an interview with HD Warriors, Nicholls said the main reason the feature isn't included is because of concern the graphics quality would be reduced when "double-rendering" the game for the mode.

High Voltage's top priority in developing The Conduit is making sure the title achieves the "best looking" graphics on the Nintendo Wii, said Nicholls. While the in-house tech team at High Voltage continues to squeeze power out of the console, The Conduit will ship without split-screen -- but Nicholls said it is a possibility for future titles.

[Via Nintendo Everything]

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