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Sam & Max Surfin' the Highway bundles games with funny

Jason Dobson

Sam: Whatcha got there, little buddy?
Max: Why, Sam, it's a book about us? That's creepy!

Telltale Games is selling the 20th anniversary edition of Sam & Max Surfin' the Highway, bundling together the 197-page graphic album with the publisher's Sam & Max episodic adventure game for the PC. The book, which has been out of print for nearly a decade, contains the complete collection of Steve Purcell's Sam & Max comics, including 25 new pages of previously unreleased artwork.

The collection is currently available in paperback for $29.95, which includes both the book and a DVD containing the most recent 5-episode season of Sam & Max. A more pricey $59.95 hardcover edition is also available, which ships with both seasons tucked between its supple pages. Closet lagomorphs with some extra geld can also shell out for the $99.95 bundle, which nets the book, games, soundtrack, the complete animated series and a Sam & Max t-shirt and hat.

Sam: And look, the thing was also nominated for an Eisner Award. That'll look good on the wall.
Max: Yup, right next to Hitler's head!
Sam: You're a scary bunny.

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