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BlackBerry OS 5.0 previewed on video, don't expect a revolution

Chris Ziegler

When a key feature of a new platform version is said to be its awesome startup screen, we question the importance of said version -- but when that new startup screen is nothing more than a logo and a progress bar, we're really starting to lose hope. Don't get us wrong, BlackBerry OS 5.0 is shaping up to be a nice little upgrade for folks currently on 4.6 or 4.7, but from what we can tell in the preview video posted over on CrackBerry, it's certainly not worthy of a major version bump; indeed, it seems that it's only being called 5.0 to bring it in sync with the imminent launch of BES 5.0. There's a new memory details screen (pictured), trackball "flicking" through photos, some minor improvements to email and folder management, browser updates (thank goodness), and a handful of other trinkets scattered through the platform -- not exactly the scorched-earth rewrite you might expect going to a number as grand as 5.0. Then again, why mess with a good thing, right?

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