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Oticon's ConnectLine hearing aid accessories stream your tunes right into your head

Tim Stevens

While we've seen plenty of prototype and conceptual aids that might some day revolutionize the lives of those struggling with hearing loss, it's rare that we see something real holding just as much potential. That's what we have here with the ConnectLine wireless streaming system from Oticon (no, gamers, not Otacon). We've seen the company tap into the Bluetooth craze before with aids that can be synced with mobile phones, and now it's taking that a step further, enabling them to be paired with a base station (pictured below) that can connect to your TV, stereo, or even a landline phone to send audio right into its compatible hearing aids. No word on cost, but just think: if ol' Snake had one of these Otacon might not have had to yell so much.

[Via MedGadget]

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