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Verizon's Exilim C721 pictured once again, still not official

Chris Ziegler

We'd totally expected the long-rumored C721 to bow at CTIA last week (come to think of it, those guys had a pretty weak show all told), but alas, we're still waiting for some sort of confirmation that the thing even exists. The 5 megapixel cameraphone -- which gets blessed with Casio's Exilim branding on account of its relatively serious shooting power -- has now popped up over at BuyWirelessNow under the PCD heading, suggesting that the company will be brokering the deal between Casio and Verizon for the new model as it has done in the past. It's a slightly clearer picture of the phone than we've managed to see in the past, but seriously, it's just five megapixels, guys -- let's get this one out before eight becomes the norm, yeah?

[Via Phone Arena]

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