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Capcom insists RE5 Versus wasn't on the disc

Resident Evil 5 controversy -- much like a zombie -- refuses to die but Capcom says claims of charging gamers for on-disc content are false. Already taking shots for charging for content gamers expected in the retail release, Capcom was recently accused by IGN of charging for its Versus DLC, claiming the content was already on the disc. The controversy stems from the DLC's file size, which sits at a slim 1.8MB on Xbox 360 and 351KB for PS3.

According to Capcom's VP of strategic planning and development, Christian Svensson, the file size is because all assets for the DLC are being pulled from the retail disc; however, the download itself is programming code that "does not exist on the disc."

"Keys are 100K or less. It is not a key," Svensson replied to a forum thread regarding IGN's claim. We're not programmers but it sounds feasible for file size to remain slim for content that pulls all assets from the disc, but you're the consumer. Do you believe Capcom?

[Via Siliconera]

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