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T-Mobile UK event same day as USA's, will be BlackBerry-focused

Chris Ziegler

T-Mobile UK has decided to throw a little shindig for members of the press the very same day as its Yankee cousin -- this coming 21st -- but there's a very important distinction with the UK event: it drops a hint about what they'll be announcing. It turns out that they'll be launching an "exciting new BlackBerry collaboration," which we can only take to mean a new handset; now, the only question is whether these events are synchronized. If they are, that means we'll be getting new RIM goodies on T-Mobile USA, but if it isn't, this means precisely zilch for American subscribers. Historically, the US branch has been pretty out of sync with it European counterparts (for some good reasons, by and large), so we'd be surprised if the same announcement was coming out of both groups -- besides, we're clueless what new BlackBerry device would prompt the US side to throw an event this month. That said, let's have your thoughts: would you rather see the Magic, a Sidekick, or a BlackBerry?

[Via Unwired View]

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