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The Grudge director working on Wii horror title, 'Feel'


Famitsu has revealed that Takashi Shimizu, director of popular Japanese horror films such as The Grudge, is working with AQ Interactive -- publisher of Bullet Witch, Vampire Rain and the canceled Cry On -- to create a new horror game for the Wii called Feel. Our cohorts at Joystiq Japan -- PSA: There's a Joystiq Japan now -- tell us that Shimizu will serve as the game's "horror adviser," so we expect plenty of creepy, crawly Onryo. The game has players exploring a haunted house using the Wii remote as a flashlight. Apparently the flashlight battery also serves as the player's health meter, though we're not sure exactly how that would work.

Feel supports up to two players and is scheduled to hit Japanese Wiis this summer.

[Via Cubed3]

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