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Painkiller franchise resurrected, Painkiller: Resurrection revealed

If you played the original Painkiller, a 2004 FPS which won Joystiq's coveted "Best Game of Every Year, Ever" award™ for its inclusion of the electric shuriken gun, you'll be pleased to know that publisher JoWood Productions and developer Homegrown Games are teaming up to crank out another installment in the Hell-fightin' franchise, titled Painkiller: Resurrection.

This time around, you'll be playing as Wild Bill Sherman, a CIA assassin whose brutal line of work garners him a one-way ticket to Purgatory, where he'll likely adhere demons to flat surfaces with stakes, which he will probably shoot from a gun. The game will include the same multiplayer modes as previous Painkiller titles while adding a co-op campaign, allowing for electric shuriken griefing. For more details, we suggest checking out IGN's preview.

[Via Big Download]

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