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Dell smartphones planning whirlwind Asian trip courtesy of China Mobile?

Tim Stevens

China Mobile may or may not have lost out to China Unicom in the bid to (officially) bring the iPhone to the most populous nation in the world, but it seems the provider might still have an ace up its sleeve -- Dell. The Texas-based company, which may or may not be actually making smartphones, is said by analyst Zhang Jun to be in final negotiations with the Hong Kong-based provider to ship those actual devices to Asian shores, devices that were supposedly shunned by providers elsewhere on the globe. Talk of Dell's handsets running Android seems to fit in nicely with China Mobile's requirements to use its custom-baked operating system (which has a crunchy Android filling), as does Dell's apparent upcoming release of a TD-SCDMA-packing Mini 10 to Chinese netbookers. So is this a match made in heaven or an analyst daydream? Sadly we won't know until August, when this supposed deal will supposedly be done. Something tells us Unicom and Apple will still be debating by then, too.

[Via mocoNews]

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