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Ghetto Golf is a real game that needs a publisher

Justin McElroy

Sometimes a story comes along that's so odd it actually short-circuits the part of the Joystiq Hive Mind that's supposed to make fun of stuff. We've attacked Ghetto Golf, a thugged-out mix of street golfing and guns that's in need of a publisher, from every angle, but we're just not up to the task of being more entertaining or compelling than the news itself. So we'll give it to you straight.

Ghetto Golf is a planned downloadable tile being created by Illfonic, a game studio founded by one of the guys from Tony! Toni! Tone! Also, this line is in MTV Multiplayer's article about the game: "One of the playable scenes they showed involved the hero Vonte needing to use his exploding golf ball to blow up a car that someone was ghost-riding."

... Honestly, what are we supposed to do with that?

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